Our basic goal as NextLua is to meet the technological needs of our customers by offering innovative and flexible solutions. The use of up-to-date technology in projects we have developed and designing them in accordance with modern design principles is a necessity for us.

We believe that it is necessary to understand customer needs well and to provide solutions to these needs so that the project can progress healthily. For this reason, we support our customers in the process of analyzing projects and determining the target audience. In addition, we provide services such as revision of user and system requirements for the projects that have been passed on, and in this context, the determination of change strategy.

nextlua yazılım ve tasarım hizmetleri
NEXT Level Universal Applications

Web Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Backend Services & Architecture Design

UI/UX Design

Google Analytics & SEO & Adwords

Social Media Consulting


İste Gelsin

It is a platform where users can meet their daily shopping needs 24/7 via mobile application, and delivers the orders via motorized couriers. We are responsible for the native development of iOS and Android applications as part of IsteGelsin project.

Sabiha Gökçen

It is a platform that includes membership system for free internet which displays current flight information of Sabiha Gökçen Airport, campaigns, promotion and news about the airport. We are responsible for updating existing native iOS and Android applications with new requests.


It is a vehicle rental platform that allows rentals of the vehicles it owns via web and mobile applications.


Türkiye Hemofili Derneği

It is a member follow-up portal where the members of the association will be able to use, to display the dues of the members of the association, and past treatments related to the patients’ situations.


It is planned as a mobile application where users can see the waste boxes in the immediate surroundings and follow the routines of waste trucks where they live. We have managed the application’s analysis, interface design and user experience processes within the framework of this project.


We have developed a website and management panel for Salute Health Services Inc., which operates with products and health services.


A CRM application has been developed that integrates with ERP, in which all sales processes of the company are followed.


Varucon SAP consulting firm’s website and resource management system was developed.


A corporate website was developed for Hibizz, a SAP Hybris focused consulting company.


odakit.com human resources web site design and software was developed.

Beyaz Teneke

beyazteneke.com.tr e-commerce web site design and software was developed.